Erwin Olaf: His final sustainable resting place

Erwin Olaf: A Life of Vision

Erwin Olaf, a master of photography, is known for his stunning images that bring emotion and narrative to life. His work has traveled the world and been exhibited in the most prestigious art galleries and museums. But beyond his photographic talent, Erwin Olaf was also a fervent advocate for sustainability and environmental awareness.

The Loop Living Cocoon

When Erwin Olaf’s passing made headlines, it wasn’t just his death that grabbed our attention. Instead, it was his remarkable choice for a final resting place: the Loop Living Cocoon. Moreover, this coffin, crafted from mushrooms, sends a powerful message about sustainability and the unending cycle of life.

In addition, created by the pioneering Dutch company Loop Biotech, the Loop Living Cocoon stands as a groundbreaking testament to the fusion of innovation and reverence for nature. Furthermore, it harnesses the mycelium, the root network of mushrooms, to fashion a completely biodegradable coffin that nourishes the earth.

A Final Farewell in Harmony with Nature

Erwin Olaf’s farewell became a moving tribute to his artistic legacy and dedication to a sustainable future. Friends, family members, and admirers gathered at the Westerkerk in Amsterdam to bid farewell to the photographer.

With a final tribute to Erwin Olaf, we have not only said goodbye to a great artist but also to a visionary who reminded us that the beauty of life and nature are interconnected. His choice of the Loop Living Cocoon will endure as a symbol of sustainability and a legacy of love for the planet he cherished.

“Olaf is being buried in a biodegradable casket made of mushrooms. The photographer lies within it on a bed of moss, wearing only his wedding ring.” – Het Parool