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This spring, everyone can invest in enriching nature
Loop Biotech, known for the mushroom coffin and urn, is kicking off spring with a new opportunity for investors. On 20 March, they will launch an investment campaign aiming to raise €2 million in two weeks time. The investment round is taking place on Invesdor, the largest crowdfunding platform for sustainable projects in Europe. Loop believes that investing in sustainability should be accessible for all. Therefore, you can already invest from €250 onwards. With this investment more automated production, expansion of distribution and marketing activities will be financed. To expand our business in The Netherlands and Europe.

Why invest?

Innovative and Sustainable Product: The Loop Living Cocoon is an eco-friendly and a global leader in sustainable burial because of its patented mycelium growing technology.

Strong Market Position and Demand: The Loop Living Cocoon boasts strong market demand. Loop Biotech has exclusive contracts with major European funeral homes and has helped over 1.000 people. With the growing interest in natural burials and sustainability, the market position of Loop is very strong.

Growth Trajectory: Loop Biotech’s revenue has grown by 90-200% yearly, with a projected 250% increase this year. To keep growing across the Netherlands and Europe, improvements in product and processes plus hiring sales experts aim to scale up our company.

Market Size and Exit Potential: The growing market for eco-friendly funerals and clear exit strategies, backed by peer success, presents substantial investment potential 

Questions and Suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding becoming a shareholder of Loop Biotech, feel free to contact us via e-mail or by calling us at +31 6 21 36 16 71. 

Practical details
The investment round is open now. You can invest in Loop Biotech through the investing platform Invesdor. Through the button below you can read the proposition and invest.

Become a shareholder of Loop Biotech and join our mission to enrich nature for future generations.

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