Natural burial grounds

More people are increasingly choosing natural burial grounds. The concept of a natural burial ground revolves around respecting and preserving nature, serving as a place for eternal rest.

What are natural burial grounds?

These areas in nature, often located in the woods, allow individuals to be buried in harmony with the environment. Unlike traditional burial grounds, they are not maintained but are integral parts of the landscape. This often entails restrictions on gravestones, with natural, biodegradable alternatives such as trees, shrubs, or stones being permitted if allowed.

Why choose a natural burial ground?

One remarkable aspect of a natural burial ground is the opportunity to give back to nature even after life. These sites contribute to preserving green spaces and ecosystems while offering a sense of connection to nature for the relatives. Far from the bustle of urban areas, natural burial grounds provide a serene and peaceful environment for eternal rest in nature.

Loop Biotech and natural burial grounds

At Loop Biotech, we are committed to sustainability and respecting nature. Therefore, we greatly appreciate initiatives like natural burial grounds that not only serve as resting places but also contribute to preserving the environment. Together, we can strive for a world where the beauty of nature endures, even in our final resting places. Nature gave life, so let us return that life back to nature.

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