No worries for my loved ones

Leave a legacy reflecting your worldview with the Loop Voucher.
As our journey on earth comes to an end, it’s reassuring to know we can leave behind a legacy. Not just as a memory for loved ones, but also as a sustainable gift to nature. Documenting these choices eases concerns for loved ones and brings peace to ourselves.

Here, the Loop Voucher offers vital support. By reserving a Loop product, such as the Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop ForestBed™, for the future, you can shape the final chapter of your life story exactly as you wish.

The question, “How beautiful is it to leave the world as you are?” resonates deeply with Loop’s mission. It’s not just about telling your story but also enriching nature with a tangible legacy, making a sustainable difference in an eco-friendly manner.

“I’m pleased everything’s taken care of; it aligns perfectly with my wishes. Now I can ease my family’s burden, knowing I’ve arranged my farewell as I envision it.” – Anja Schuermans, voucher holder.

For more details on the Loop voucher or our enriching products available for reservation, visit our website or request a free discovery box. Find out if the Loop Voucher is the reassuring choice for you.