Erwin Olaf: His Final Sustainable Resting Place

Erwin Olaf: A Life of Vision Erwin Olaf, a master of photography, is known for his stunning images that bring emotion and narrative to life. His work has traveled the world and been exhibited in the most prestigious art galleries and museums. But beyond his photographic talent, Erwin Olaf was also a fervent advocate for […]

Natural Burial: A Return to the Earth

In a time where environmental consciousness takes center stage, even our final journey is being reimagined to honor the Earth. Natural burial, also known as green or eco-burial, is gaining popularity as a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to bid farewell to our loved ones. In this blog, we will explore the concept of natural […]

What makes a funeral sustainable?

Nature gave us life, so let’s give life back to nature. We would like to make humanity part of the natural cycle of life again, by collaboration with the natural world instead of exploiting it. We can still contribute to Mother Nature at the end of our life cycle, that is why sustainability is also […]