Loop EarthRise™

Be remembered in nature by becoming a source for new seedlings to thrive with our mycelium urn.

100% Nature

Grown from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres 



Becomes one with nature in 45 days


Increases soil biodiversity and feeds the earth



New ways of being remembered


Loop EarthRise™

The Loop EarthRise™ is an urn grown from mycelium, that enables you to become a source for new life and be remembered in nature. Use the Loop EarthRise™ as a unique ornament at home, or let it become a source for new life in your garden or at a graveyard. Choose one of our plants to be remembered in nature as a plant of choice. The Loop EarthRise™ biodegrades in just 45 days, when buried.  Giving human nutrients back to nature in the most natural way. The urn is grown in just 7 days from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres. This makes it 100% natural and GreenLeave certified.

You can select between a “Wild” or “Calm” Loop EarthRise™

€249,00 (incl. VAT)

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