Loop EarthRise™

Be remembered in nature by becoming a source for new seedlings to thrive with our mushroom urn.

100% Nature

Grown from local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibres 



Becomes one with nature in 45 days


Increases soil biodiversity and feeds the earth



New ways of being remembered


Loop EarthRise™

The Loop EarthRise™ is an urn grown from mushrooms, that enables you to become a source for new life. Use the Loop EarthRise™ as a unique ornament at home, or let it flourish as a tree in your garden or at a graveyard by choosing one of our plants. The Loop EarthRise™ biodegrades in just 45 days, and gives our nutrients back in the most natural way. The urn is grown in just 7 days in our growing facility in Delft, The Netherlands, from local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibers. This makes it 100% natural and GreenLeave certified. You can opt for either the “Wild” or “Calm” Loop EarthRise™.

  • Material: Local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibers
  • Dimensions: Diameter 23 x height 32 (cm)
  • Volume: 4 liters
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Variants: Lid with cavity (suitable for a plant) or lid without cavity
  • Plant: Place a plant in the lid with cavity

Burying of the urn

Use the Loop EarthRise™ as an ornament to create a unique and friendly memory of your loved one, or bury the urn in the garden or graveyard, to become a source for new life to thrive. The experience of using the Loop EarthRise™ for funeral remains similar to that of conventional urns. In the Netherlands, the Loop EarthRise™ is allowed for burial in your own garden (depending on your location and local laws), traditional graveyards, and natural burial sites. In natural burial sites, the urn should be buried without a plant.

How to use the urn

The Loop EarthRise™ can be stored indefinitely when it is placed in a dry and ventilated space. To close the EarthRise firmly push the lid on the base. The friction of the mycelium creates a tight closure. In consultation with the funeral director, the urn can be filled by the crematorium. It is also possible to transfer the ashes from the ash box, which has been released by the crematorium, into the Loop EarthRise™.

Ordering process Netherlands and Europe

The Loop EarthRise™ is in stock, and direct delivery is possible. To directly order the EarthRise, click here. As a funeral director it is possible to place an order directly by filling out the order form.

Personalise the Loop EarthRise™ with our additional accessories:

  • Choose one of our plants to place in the lid and become a lasting part in nature.
  • Decorate the EarthRise with our biodegradable paint kit.

Visit the accessories page to discover all options.

The Wild variant of the Loop EarthRise™ can be recognized by its unique natural colors that originated due to the special conditions in which they were grown. Each Wild product possesses its own original charm and is truly one of a kind.

*Each Loop EarthRise™ is unique. The photos serve as a representation of the overall appearance of the Wild EarthRises.

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