Loop Living Cocoon™

Become part of nature’s majestic loop of life and enrich the earth with the world’s first living coffin.

100% Nature

Grown from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres 



Becomes one with nature in 45 days


Increases soil biodiversity and feeds the earth



New ways of being remembered


Loop Living Cocoon™

The Loop Living Cocoon™ is the world’s first living coffin that enriches nature by biodegrading in just 45 days and giving human nutrients back in the most natural way. The Loop Living Cocoon™ is grown in just 7 days from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres. This makes it 100% natural and GreenLeave certified. 

You can select between a “Wild” or “Calm” Loop Living Cocoon™

€995 (incl. VAT)

“The first time I touched the coffin it was much softer and lighter than I had expected. It truly is a unique material, so it surprised me how versatile the coffin actually is in its normal use for funerals and cremations!”

Funeral director (The Hague, Netherlands)

“My grandmother and I like to spend time in the woods together. When she saw the living coffin on television, she expressed her desire to become part of this natural cycle of life as well, so we reached out to Loop. The personal attention we received during the process was heartwarming and made the experience for me and my grandmother both peaceful and respectful.”

Nina (The Hague, The Netherlands)

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