Loop Living Cocoon™

Become part of nature’s majestic loop of life and enrich the earth with the world’s first living coffin.

100% Nature

Grown from local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibres 



Becomes one with nature in 45 days


Increases soil biodiversity and feeds the earth



New ways of being remembered


Loop Living Cocoon™

The Loop Living Cocoon™ is the world’s first living coffin that enriches nature by biodegrading in just 45 days and giving our nutrients back in the most natural way. The Loop Living Cocoon™ is grown in just 7 days in our growing facility in Delft, The Netherlands, from local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibers. This makes it 100% natural and GreenLeave certified. The Cocoon comes with a soft bed of moss as standard. You can opt for either the ‘Wild’ or ‘Calm’ Loop Living Cocoon™. 

  • Material: Local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibers
  • Interior: Soft bed of moss
  • Inner dimensions: Length  195 x width 58 x height 35 (cm)
  • Outer dimensions: Length 216 x width 75 x height 45 (cm)
  • Weight: The Cocoon weighs 30 kg
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 200 kg carrying capacity 
  • Handles: 6 integrated jute handles
  • Material properties: Water resistant 

Practicalities during the funeral
The Loop Living Cocoon ™ is certified for traditional burials, natural burials and cremations. The Cocoon can be carried using the six integrated jute handles, or alternatively, shouldered for ease of carrying. During the burial it can be lowered with a mechanical lift system, as well as with ropes. Due to its hydrophobic properties, the Cocoon is perfectly suitable for use during a wake on a mobile mortuary refrigerator or for funerals in the rain. The Cocoon™ can be stored indefinitely when it is placed in a dry and ventilated space, just like a conventional coffin and should be stored horizontally.

Ordering process Netherlands
The Loop Living Cocoon™ is in stock and direct delivery is possible. To order the Cocoon, you have to fill out the order form. When you place an order before 17:00, the cocoon will be shipped to you the next business day with our 100% electric transport. Delivery times and costs depend on the delivery location. The distances are calculated from Vulcanusweg 279 in Delft.

0 – 100 km | €125,-

100 – 150 km | €150

>150 km | €180,-

*If the Cocoon needs to be delivered on the same day or on the weekend, we will do our utmost best to accommodate your needs. Please reach out to us for the possibilities.

Ordering process Europe
We currently deliver throughout all of Europe. Delivery times and costs depend on the location. To order the Loop Living Cocoon™, you have to fill out the order form. Once the order is placed, we will contact you to discuss delivery times and transportation costs.

*If you are not located within Europe, please reach out to us to learn more about the possibilities. We prioritise flexibility and strive to accommodate your needs to make every effort to deliver our products to your facility.

Fill out the order form to receive your personal delivery details, or give us a call at +316 21 36 16 71. It is also possible to pick-up the products yourself at our growing facility in Delft.

Personalise the Loop Living Cocoon™ with our additional accessories:

  • Decorate the Cocoon with our biodegradable paint kit.
  • Choose for sustainable linen lining instead of a bed of moss.
  • Complete the Cocoon with a sustainable linen shroud.

Visit the accessories page to discover all the options.

Reserve a Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop ForestBed™ for later with the Loop Voucher. Secure your choice, relieve your loved ones, and leave the world as a better place for future generations. By choosing a Loop Voucher, you provide peace of mind for your loved ones regarding the decision-making and financing of this important decision. 

Support our mission to enrich nature today. You will receive the Loop Living Cocoon™ or ForestBed™ when it is needed, whether in 1 month or over more than 30 years. Visit the voucher page for more information.

The Wild variant of the Loop Living Cocoon™ can be recognized by its unique natural colors that originated due to the special conditions in which they were grown. Each Wild product possesses its own original charm and is truly one of a kind.

*Each Loop Living Cocoon™ is unique. The photos serve as a representation of the overall appearance of the Wild Cocoons.

Bed of moss
The Loop Living Cocoon comes with a soft bed and pillow of moss as standard. The moss originates from the Netherlands, and is 100% natural.

Bed of wool
Opt for a soft bed of 100% Dutch wool sourced from Kempisch heath sheep, renowned for conservation efforts in the Kempen region. Locally made in the Netherlands and Greenleave approved. The bed of wool comes with a pillow and blanket, with a density of 500 g/m2.

Replace the bed of moss with an elegant interior hemp lining. Hemp, a rapidly growing plant with minimal water requirements, is cultivated worldwide without the need for herbicides or insecticides. Our choice of Mediterranean hemp boasts impressive growth, reaching heights of 2.5 – 4.5 meters within just 130 – 150 days, making it one of the fastest-growing hemp species. Sourced and processed in Europe, where it is also spun and woven and is Greenleave approved. The hemp lining comes with a pillow and blanket, with a density of 345 g/m2.

Soft Bio-cotton 
Replace the bed of moss with a soft interior bio-cotton lining. The bio-cotton is a slightly thicker knitted fabric that is brushed on both sides. As a result, the fabric has a very light appearance and feels very soft. This fabric is made from organic cotton sourced from Turkey and has the GOTS label. The bio-cotton lining comes with a pillow and blanket, with a density of 320 g/m2.

“The first time I touched the coffin it was much softer and lighter than I had expected. It truly is a unique material, so it surprised me how versatile the coffin actually is in its normal use for funerals and cremations!”

Funeral director (The Hague, Netherlands)

“My grandmother and I like to spend time in the woods together. When she saw the living coffin on television, she expressed her desire to become part of this natural cycle of life as well, so we reached out to Loop. The personal attention we received during the process was heartwarming and made the experience for me and my grandmother both peaceful and respectful.”

Nina (The Hague, The Netherlands)

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