Reserve your future products

Nature gave us life, so let’s give life back to nature. Be remembered as a force for good. Unburden your loved ones and reserve your future Loop Living Cocoon™ or ForestBed™ for later.


Why reserve a product?

Reserving a Loop Living Cocoon™ or ForestBed™ creates peace of mind for yourself and takes away an important future decision for you and  your loved ones. With the Voucher, you’ll become part of our mission and will leave the world as a better place for future generations by giving back life to nature.

How does it work?

The Loop Voucher guarantees that you will receive the Loop Living Cocoon™ or ForestBed™ when it is needed, whether in 1 month or over more than 30 years.

Building a living future

By reserving the Loop Living Cocoon™ or ForestBed™ with a voucher, you become part of an unique community of Loopers. Support our mission and be invited to play an active role in shaping our living future. 

Join our mission

This is your opportunity to enrich nature. Learn more about the voucher possibilities and our products by leaving your details below.

“I ordered a voucher because the idea of becoming one with nature when the time comes feels lovely. It relieves my family of the hassle and let’s me now already support the next generations. Keep up the good work!”


Peter (Hamburg, Germany)