Loop Voucher

Reserve a Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop ForestBed™ for later with the Loop Voucher. Secure your choice, relieve your loved ones, and leave the world as a better place for future generations.

Why a Loop Voucher?

By choosing a Loop Voucher, you provide peace of mind for your loved ones regarding the decision-making and financing of this important decision. Securing this crucial decision assures you that the same values important to you during life will also be honored at your farewell. Let’s enrich nature for current and future generations. 

How does it work?

With a Loop Voucher, you reserve a Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop ForestBed™ for the future. Upon purchase, you select the product you wish to reserve, receive a personalized certificate, and become officially registered as a LOOP-er. Whether you want to receive the product in 3 months or 30 years, we ensure it’s delivered at the desired time.

The Loop Voucher step-by-step


Leave your details below so we can send you more information 


Discuss all your questions and preferences with us



Choose a one-time transaction or pay in four installments



Receive the Loop package with the Voucher certificate 

Payment options

The Loop Voucher can be paid for in two ways:

1. One-time transaction: Opt for a single transaction and receive your Loop Voucher certificate immediately.

2. Installments: Choose to pay for the voucher in installments. We have a 4-installment plan. Once these installments are completed, you will receive the Loop Voucher certificate.

Join our mission

Leave the planet better behind for future generations by giving life back to nature. Reserve a Loop Living Cocoon™ or ForestBed™ and play a part in shaping a greener future. 

Let’s Close The Loop!

“I ordered a voucher because the idea of becoming one with nature when the time comes feels lovely. It relieves my family of the hassle and let’s me now already support the next generations. Keep up the good work!”


Peter (Hamburg, Germany)

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