We are the generation
that will enrich nature

We believe that earth’s wisdom can guide us toward a positive-footprint. But how do we become one with nature again?

Our story

From our background at the Delft University of Technology, we sought ways to collaborate with nature to give humanity a positive footprint. While walking through the forest, we observed how mushrooms have the remarkable ability to transform fallen trees into new life. This led us to recognise the significant role these organisms play in the natural cycle of life. 

We are the founders of Loop Biotech and we collaborate with nature to bring back human nutrients into the cycle of life in the most natural way. Today, we invite you to join us in our mission. Are you waste or compost?

 From graveyard, to forest – Let’s close the Loop!

Lonneke Westhoff & Bob Hendrikx 

Positive footprint

What if our everyday objects are alive? Imagine breathing homes, living lights and self-healing T-shirts. Nature has so many solutions for our daily challenges. We are on a mission to make humanity part of the natural cycle of life again, by collaboration with the natural world instead of exploiting it. We grow a new generation of living products that enrich life. Are you ready for the bio-revolution? 


Instead of polluting our environment with dead materials, we change the system by growing living materials that enrich nature.

Power of mushrooms

While most researchers had their eyes on the plants and organisms above ground, recent discoveries show that earth’s most crucial creatures live underneath us. Mycelium, the underground root network of mushrooms, are known as nature’s biggest recyclers. The unique power of mycelium is its ability to share nutrients, communicate with the forest floor, and enhance soil quality. Its power to transform dead organic matter into new life makes this organism the driving force in nature’s cycle of life.

The future is here

Learning from the natural unique strength of mycelium, we were able to invent the first world’s first living coffin, the Loop Living Cocoon™, alongside the Loop EarthRise™ and Loop ForestBed™. Our products empower humanity to enrich life after death. In our sustainable factory in Delft, The Netherlands we grow our 100% biobased products, from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres in only 7 days.  We won’t accept leaving our planet behind with a scar any longer. This is our opportunity to enrich life after death for our loved ones and future generations. 

Let’s close the Loop. 

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