The Loop Forest™

Nature gave us life, so let’s give life back to nature. Together we can enrich and preserve nature for future generations. 

Natural burial

A natural burial is an eco-friendly way to become one with nature’s cycle of life. Rest in enchanting natural areas, surrounded by lush trees and vibrant flowers. It’s a sustainable choice that flourishes our forests and provides a serene space to honour cherished memories. This modern form of burial pays tribute to life, promoting biodiversity, and preserving the beauty of our landscapes. Nature gave us life, so let’s give life back to nature. 

Loops products in nature

A strong ecosystem begins with a healthy soil. When the soil thrives, it provides nourishment for plants and animals. That is why we harnish the unique power of mycelium in our products. The Loop Living Cocoon™, the Loop EarthRise™ and the Loop ForestBed™ promote the circle of life. They become one with nature within 45 days, where it improves the soil quality and enables new seedlings to thrive.

Partner Natuurbegraven Nederland

The shared belief in the power of nature unites Loop Biotech and Natuurbegraven Nederland. Together, we offer a unique combination package, presenting the Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop EarthRise™ alongside an eternal natural grave in one of Natuurbegraven Nederland’s pristine burial areas.

Explore the possibilities

This is your opportunity to reserve an eternal natural grave, alongside Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop EarthRise™. Follow the link to Natuurbegraven Nederland’s website and learn more. 

“My grandmother and I like to spend time in the woods together. When she saw the living coffin on television, she expressed her desire to become part of this natural cycle of life as well, so we reached out to Loop. The personal attention we received during the process was heartwarming and made the experience for me and my grandmother both peaceful and respectful.”

Nina (Den Haag, Netherlands)